Seaside Heights

What are the BEST Jersey Shore Towns?

Well that answer is easy. The best Jersey Shore towns are the ones you make your memories in. For us, that town is Seaside Heights. As one of the more affordable towns to purchase a summer home in, we were fortunate enough to buy a townhouse in Seaside Heights 4 years ago.

Through all the ups and downs including Hurricane Sandy, we have not regretted it a single day. Why? Because even the difficult memories have a special place in our hearts. Some still bring me to tears, like the first time we drove down route 35 post Sandy. The devastation was gut wrenching, homes completely gone, those that remained, broken shells – and my 3 year old son says to me, mommy why are the houses broken, is someone going to fix them.

The more hysterical memories in our household tend to involve sea gulls. I am not sure how we have so many sea gull stories, but the one that ranks supreme among them all happened a couple of years ago and gets a regular mention in our household. My son was playing with his hot wheels car on the beach when this sea gull just swooped down and stole the car away.

We chased that thing up and down the beach for a good 15 minutes, it kept launching into the air, landing and taking of again, all with this car in it’s beak. FINALLY this sea gull just let it drop.  How could a memory like that not rank a place as a one of the Best Jersey Shore Towns!

Our Vote for Best Jersey Shore Towns

Ok, really, I know you want a list, so here it is, ranked in order of really awesome memories…because that is what I believe the best Jersey Shore towns are all about…

#5 Wildwood, NJ – A little bit of something for every one. The beaches in Wildwood are really awesome too.

#4 Cape May, NJ – Great town to explore, meander down streets and find a great place to eat.

#3 Point Pleasant, NJ – If you are looking to ‘chillax’ as we say in my house, this is your town. Perhaps it’s the Tiki bar, but this town just exudes hangin out and sittin back.

#2 Manasquan, NJ – ‘The Squan’ is just awesome. Great family vibe, I happen to spend post college years in this town and had some of the greatest times of my life here.

#1 Seaside Heights, NJ – The boardwalk, the rides, the waterpark, the beach, the fireworks, the music…we just love it