Seaside Heights

Watch Seaside Heights Change Through These Promo Videos

Seaside in the 1960’s. Did you know Casino Pier use to have a salt water pool? Some things still haven’t changed though, check it out.

Seaside Heights in the 1970’s. Got to be honest, this one is pretty borring, skip to minute two to start seeing Seaside Heights.

Seaside Heights in the 1980’s.
Ok so this isn’t an official video, but as a child of the 80’s, isn’t a Bon Jovi bigger than anything official? In And Out of Love, shot on our very own Boardwalk….

1985 official commercial followed by 30 minutes raw footage. Shots of the beaches and boardwalk, Rainbow Rapids, Maruca”s pizza, Razzles nightclub, Sonny’s & Rickey’s, Midway, and the rides.

Seaside Heights in the 2000’s
Both of these are very recent videos, and only a couple of minutes long. Obviously before the hurricane, but once the piers are back to 100% next year you’ll never know the difference…oh wait….Everything in Seaside is now BRAND NEW!!!.