Hurricane Sandy: 2012 A Devastating Year at a Glance

Hurricane Sandy was a powerful storm that struck the eastern coast of the United States in late October 2012. Seaside Heights, a popular beach town located in New Jersey, was hit hard by the storm and suffered significant damage.

The storm surge caused by Hurricane Sandy flooded the town, causing widespread destruction and devastation. Many homes and businesses were severely damaged or destroyed, and the iconic Seaside Heights boardwalk was badly damaged.

One of the most notable images from the storm was the sight of the Jet Star roller coaster, which was located on the Casino Pier in Seaside Heights, partially submerged in the Atlantic Ocean. The coaster had been a popular attraction for over 40 years, and its destruction became a symbol of the power and impact of the storm.

In addition to the damage caused by the storm surge, high winds also caused extensive damage in Seaside Heights. Trees were uprooted, power lines were knocked down, and many buildings suffered significant structural damage.

The aftermath of Hurricane Sandy was a challenging time for the people of Seaside Heights, but the community came together to begin the process of rebuilding and recovery. The town received significant support and resources from the state and federal government, as well as from volunteers and donors from around the country.

Today, Seaside Heights has largely recovered from the damage caused by Hurricane Sandy. The town’s boardwalk has been rebuilt, and many of the damaged buildings and homes have been repaired or replaced. While the storm was a significant challenge, the resilience and determination of the people of Seaside Heights have helped the town to move forward and rebuild.

Hurricane Sandy: A Year In The News

The year after Hurricane Sandy was an incredible year for us. Hours and hours spend wondering, would people come back, how quickly would they build the boardwalk, how do we explain the broken homes to our kids.

And just as we thought things were looking up, a massive fire hit Seaside Park, threatening to undo the progress of the last 11 months. Embers flew as far down as our street and caught fire at the building directly across from us.

Needless to say we make it through and are stronger than ever, and now we are sharing a quick year in review of news stories that hit about Seaside Heights after Sandy:

October 29th, 2013
One Year After Superstorm Sandy In Seaside Heights
One year after Hurricane Sandy, fantastic interview with Mayor Bill Akers.

September 17, 2013
Sandy damage blamed for massive Seaside Park fire
The boardwalk fire in Seaside Park and Seaside Heights began accidentally Thursday in aged wiring that had been compromised by saltwater and sand during the Oct. 29 storm…

Seaside Boardwalk After Hurricane Sandy

September 16, 2013
FunTown Pier owner pledges to rebuild scorched Seaside fun park
Instead of throwing in the towel after two disasters, the owner of the FunTown Pier in Seaside Park said he wants to rebuild the boardwalk amusement park — and make it bigger than it was before both Hurricane Sandy and the blaze decimated it.

September 14, 2013
Seaside boardwalk fire: Christie pledges grants, loans and aid to businesses and towns
Business and local leaders from both towns emerged from a meeting with the governor late in the afternoon, relieved and impressed, as the state announced it would offer business owners affected by the fire $50,000 grants and $5 million in no-interest loans they won’t need to repay for two years…

September 13, 2013
Seaside boardwalk fire: List of damaged and destroyed businesses, with map
The businesses listed below were damaged or destroyed, according to a preliminary review by Seaside Heights officials. Additional businesses in Seaside Park were located via a search of property records in the impacted area.

September 12, 2013
Videos of Seaside Fire
The massive fire that devastated the Seaside boardwalk began early Thursday afternoon and was believed to have started in the area of Kohr’s Frozen Custard. Read all articles about the Seaside Park & Seaside Heights fire

August 19th, 2013
50-year-old message found in a jar on Jersey Shore
Dennis Komsa was 12 years old in 1963 when, while vacationing with family along the Jersey Shore, he wrote a note, put it in a glass jar and tossed it into the Atlantic Ocean.

August 19, 2013
Seaside Heights mayor wants boardwalk protected soon after Labor Day
It won’t be a wall of rocks. It may not be steel sheathing. But Mayor Bill Akers wanted something in place this fall to protect his Sandy-beaten town until a more permanent structure can be built on Seaside Heights’ beaches

August 12, 2013
‘Super Storm’ ride now running at Seaside Heights’ Casino Pier
‘Super Storm’ the ride is now up and running on the New Jersey shore. The new attraction is located at the Casino Pier in Seaside Heights, where Superstorm Sandy is best known for toppling a roller coaster into the ocean.

July 4, 2013
In once-shattered Seaside Heights, Independence Day crowds signal the Jersey Shore’s comeback
In Seaside Heights, on an Independence Day that served as part summer celebration and part barometer of recovery, the hopeful signs could be seen across the reconstructed oceanfront.

May 25, 2013
Clouds couldn’t chase the fun from Seaside Heights
Tourists didn’t let a little thing like hurricane damage or rain showers interrupt their plans to make the borough part of their Memorial Day weekend.

April 27, 2013
Southern section of Seaside Heights boardwalk set to open this week
“It’s our hope to have the southern section of the boardwalk open by Friday or Saturday,” Loundy said today. “We’re anxious to reopen. Our vendors are anxious. Our customers are anxious.

March 11, 2013
Seaside Heights celebrates St. Patrick’s Day with colorful parade, green wigs, corned beef
Seaside Heights hosted its first big post-Sandy event on Saturday, the Ocean County Saint Patrick’s Day Parade. It was a big day for the borough, which is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year.

February 26, 2013
Seaside Heights plans seawall with MTV funds
The cast of the MTV hit reality show helped raise $1 million during a benefit broadcast in November.Now, Seaside Heights officials want to use that money for a seawall that could protect the boardwalk…

February 22. 2013
Plans to remove coaster from ocean fall into place
Casino Pier officials are close to finalizing a contract with New Jersey-based Donjon Marine Co. to remove the now-iconic Jet Star roller coaster and other rides from the Atlantic Ocean. That should help the pier to finally move ahead with its partial reopening on Memorial Day weekend, spokeswoman Toby Wolf said.

January 3, 2013
Seaside Heights boardwalk reconstruction to begin later this month
Work is scheduled to start later this month on rebuilding the Seaside Heights boardwalk destroyed by Hurricane Sandy
December 12, 2012
Architects who helped rebuild New Orleans teaming up with NJIT to reconstruct Seaside Heights
NJIT first became involved with Seaside Heights four years ago when students helped write a report — with input from borough residents — on future growth plans for the boardwalk and the main streets.

November 4, 2012
48 hours: Before, during, and after Hurricane Sandy in Seaside Heights and Cape May
The power is out all along the coast by 7 p.m. and swells from both the bay and ocean begin to pool in some sections of Seaside Heights. Heavy flooding in Ortley Beach and Lavallette has made Mantaloking Bridge inaccessible. The barrier island is now entirely cut off.