Incredible Family Oriented Seaside Heights Summer Rental

Unlike Others, Our Seaside Heights Summer Rental is Child Friendly!

We have done our research, and you will be hard pressed to find other Seaside Heights summer rentals with as many (and well maintained) family friendly amenities as we offer. As parents of two (formally) small children we understand how difficult it can be to travel with your kids and all of their ‘stuff’. We also know how challenging it can be to carry on your normal routine in a new environment.

This is why we have made a special effort to make our Seaside Heights summer rental family and child friendly. We researched local rental packages and could not believe what we found. The cost to rent all of the child friendly things we offer was over $365!!!

There is no extra charge for our Jersey Shore summer rental when it comes to taking care of your kids with all of the comforts of home. And best yet, you can also avoid packing every extra inch of your car, or worse, having to take 2 vehicles.

What makes our home so family friendly?

  1. Easy-to-clean furniture: Wherever possible you will find leather, vinyl, or outdoor fabrics that can withstand spills and sand.
  2. Separate spaces for different activities: Hang out in the open living room / kitchen area, or grab some alone time in one of the 4 bedrooms. Want some fresh air? Try one of the many balconies or the private roof terrace. Everyone has a space to relax and unwind.
  3. Kid-friendly decor: While tastefully decorated, you will not find a lot of knick knacks that might get accidentally broken. We know accidents happen, why tempt fate.
  4. We keep safety in mind: Each of our stairwells has a safety gate. We also have several life vests for the little ones.
  5. Toddler supplies: You name it, chances are we have it. plastic dinner ware for the kids, stroller, high chair, pack and plays, baby monitor the list goes on.
  6. Beach supplies: The last thing you need to be doing is loading the car with beach chairs and toys. We have everything you need for the beach at our Seaside Heights summer rental. Just bring towels!


A jumper, Greco glider, baby monitors, two pack and plays, a bassinet and a toddler bed.


Retractable safety gates at the top and bottom of every stairwell, bed rails & toddler life vests. for the pool.

Let’s Eat

High chair, booster seat, bumbo.
Plastic plates & bowls & a pint size table for two.

And More

Full sized Greco stroller, umbrella stroller, TVs all have access to Nick channels & a countertop bathing tub.

Last But Not Least, Our Convenient Location in Seaside Heights NJ Can’t Be Beat!

Directly in the center of the Seaside Heights Boardwalk, and directly across the street you can get back to the townhouse in minutes no matter where you are. Have you tried to change a diaper on the beach in the past? Run out of drinks in the cooler and want to run back for more?

Eating dinner with the family and your son accidentally spills your ice cold beer all over you, your white pants and himself (yes it happened)… no problem at all, 10 minutes later everyone is back to having fun. Maybe the best of all, we are only a block from Casino Pier, taking several short trips with the kids to the rides is simple and easy. When it comes to being centrally located, this is the best of Seaside Heights house rentals.

A family-friendly summer rental should prioritize comfort, durability, safety, and fun. We think you will find this and more at our home! Book our Seaside Heights Summer Rental before all available dates are gone!