Best Restaurants in Seaside Heights NJ

From budget friendly to kid friendly and those nights when you want a night just the two of you, there are great restaurants in and near Seaside Heights for your family.

Breakfast Spots

  • Bobber’s in Seaside Heights. Go as early as you can, there is almost always a wait after 10am.
  • Jersey Roll on the Boardwalk in Seaside Heights. Place to go for breakfast sandwiches and fresh homemade donuts.
  • Jimmy’s Breakfast in Seaside Heights. 
  • Sand Dollar Pancake House in Lavallette NJ. A bit further but in the off season one of the only open spots.
  • Blue Cup Coffee – two locations, SSH and SSP.  If you are a coffee lover this is the spot to hit. Good for other grab and go breakfast items.

Budget Friendly Restaurants in Seaside Heights

Let’s face it, who of us likes to spend money if they really don’t have to. Well, here are some simple ideas to keep that food budget in line. The most cost effective place to eat on your vacation is right at home! Many rentals in Seaside Heights have either a decent size or full sized kitchen (like ours) that allows you to prepare breakfast lunch and dinner at home, saving those dollars to spend elsewhere. Don’t feel like cooking? Here are some great eat out options that won’t break the bank.

  • Lenny’s Pizza in Lavallette NJ. Great menu options and regular pizza parlor prices. Eat in or they will deliver to Seaside Heights (including right to the beach!)
  • Johnny Fries in Ortley NJ. Baskets of food for under $10 including fresh cut fries. Best of all, they will deliver to you on the beach.
  • Jimbo’s Bar and Grill in Seaside Heights NJ. Right on the Seaside Heights Boardwalk, 5 for 5 daily special Monday to friday from 3pm to 5pm – $5 Bar Pies, $5 Pitchers of Coors Light,$5 Wings, $5 Three Olives Drinks, $5 Sliders.
  • Ryan’s Boulevard Deli and Grill SSH. Ryan’s only does take out and delivery. Great option for a simple night of ordering out.

Family Friendly Restaurants in Seaside Heights

Almost every place in Seaside Heights is family friendly, but here are some of our favorites.

  • Spicy Mexican Cantina in Seaside Heights NJ. We are actually located directly diagonal from Spicys! Very large restaurant right on the boardwalk. The upper deck has fantastic views, wide variety of food on the menu and entertainment almost every afternoon and evening of the summer.
  • Klees Bar and Grill in Seaside Heights NJ. Family owned and operated, Klees will always welcome you and your family. Great menu for every age group.
  • Ebby’s in Seaside Park.A taste of New York at the Jersey Shore. Ebby’s offers traditional homemade Italian fare.
  • Bum Rogers Crabhouse in Seaside Park. Relaxing atmosphere to enjoy a night out with friends eating seafood and drinking beer.
  • The Sawmill in Seaside Park. General all around grill and bar that is family friendly. 

BYOB Restaurants In Seaside Heights

  • PJ’s Pace in Seaside Heights. Our personal favorite spot to eat. With an Italian / Seafood menu there is something for everyone at PJ’s. 
  • Genevieve’s in Seaside Heights. Modern American menu with Italian influences.
  • Lenny’s Pizza

Restaurants with Live Music / Entertainment

Looking for a night out on the town without the kids? Here are some great Seaside hot spots that have both great food and entertainment – and cater to adults of all ages.

  • Spicy’ Bar and Grill. Live every night during the summer season. Music every weekend during other times of the year. 
  • Hemingway’s Restaurant in Seaside Heights NJ. Eat a great meal and then dance to the hottest rhythms at the Jersey Shore, or enjoy a low-key night of darts and pool.
  • Beachcombers Bar and Grill in Seaside Heights NJ. Great upper deck overlooking the boardwalk and a very large sushi menu. Bands every weekend in the summer.
  • Ebby’s in Seaside Park
  • Bum Rogers Crabhouse
  • Ebby’s

Restaurants with Outdoor Seating

In 2020 most places had some form of outdoor seating. But, these places have always had some form of out side seating:

  • Spicy Mexican Cantina
  • PJs Place
  • The Sawmill 

Upscale Restaurants

Looking to get a bit more dressed up for a night out? Check out these close by places

  • Genevieve’s in Seaside Heights. Do not recommend bringing children to this spot.
  • Atlantic Bar and Grill in Seaside Park NJ. Be sure to call at least a week and a half in advance for a reservation for this not so hidden gem. Awesome views of the ocean and spectacular seafood and steak, be sure to get spiffed up because this is not a flip flop joint!
  • Waypoint 622 in Brielle NJ. Waypoint 622 serves a variety of fresh, NeAmerican cuisine. Located on the water you can enjoy a stunning view of the Manasquan River and Hoffman’s Marina with food prepared by award winning chefs. They also offer brunch.

Top Restaurants with the BEST food

Here are the top places that we keep going to over and over. The food is always great, they are family friendly and best of all – affordable.

  1. PJ’s Place – we have brought many friends to different spots in and near Seaside – PJs by far is always everyone’s favorite.
  2. Ebby’s
  3. Lenny’s Pizza
PJs Place Seaside Heights Restaurant
Lobster Oreganata from PJs Place