Seaside Heights Boardwalk

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Is the Seaside Heights Boardwalk Open?

Yes! The Seaside Heights Boardwalk is Open for Business! Whether you are coming for a week or the weekend or even just a day, don’t forget to visit the best boardwalk on the Jersey Shore this summer.

From Sandy to COVID SSH has had some challenging times, but most of the business were open last summer and we do anticipate they will be open for the summer of 2021.

Casino pier was able to adapt to the COVID impact by requiring guests to use hand sanitizer before entering each ride. They also required that you wear a mask while on the pier. The water park capacity was limited every day which made the lines for each slide quite short!

So, What Is There To Do?

For us an early morning on the boards is a great time to be out. Over the years the traditions have changed. Sometimes we get some freshly made donuts from the Jersey Roll. Other mornings we take out the bikes and go all the way down into Seaside Park. Don’t have a bike? There are several spots in town to rent either a regular bike or a motorized scooter.  There is nothing more peaceful than walking in the quiet morning hours, watching the sun rise and having the Boardwalk all to yourself.

Want to play games? Our favorite spot is right in front of Casino Pier. The games there are quite affordable for the little ones and keep them busy longer than just a minute or two, particularly the wiffle ball toss (I think we won a prize every time we played last year) and the ring toss (onto the bottles). For $5 you get a whole bucket of wiffle balls (shown below), the objective is to get the ball in one of the holes that has a colored border.

Looking for video games? Pretty much all of the arcades have video games – but, Casino Pier put in a new virtual reality game in this past summer. In addition to HALO they also put in much more where the carousel use to be. 

Casino Pier also offers tons of other options. The water park, go carts, 18 hole mini golf and rides (for both kids and adults). At the south end of the boardwalk you can also find some additional kids rids. 

If conditions permit, the town also offers activities on different days of the week in July and August. Wednesday night there are fireworks, on other nights there are movies on the beach, bonfires and musical acts!

Want To Just Chill and Hang?

Other than the obvi location of the beach, the Sand Bar is a great place to hang out. Put your toes in the sand wile you have a few beers or frozen drinks. The bar also has some corn hole to pass the time. The Beachcomber is also a great place to watch people and the ocean. 

Coming Soon!

In the summer of 2021, on the south end of the boardwalk, there will be a new spot to eat on the pier, where the Beach Bar use to be. Right next to that will be a members only Pool and Cabana club.

So, come spend some time on the Seaside Heights Boardwalk! Support the local businesses, take in some sun and more importantly, make memories that you and your family will remember forever.