Seaside Heights

Casino Pier Summer Amusements

Casino Pier is open for business! Casino Pier re-opened in 2013 with the following ride list: Disk’O, Pirates Hideaway, Pirates Island, Moby Dick, Surf Shack, Super Storm, Tilt-a-Whirl, Wave Swinger, Boats, Dizzy Dragons, Motorcycles, Speed Way, Car Combo & Hot Tamales…plus the go carts!

Super StormLast season their Pier generated lots of controversy when they launched their brand new ride the ‘Superstorm’ for the 2013 season. Some people upset with the insenstivity of the name, riders are seated in a circle extended from a pendulum.┬áThe ride begins to spin around in a circle while swinging back and forth and crescendos when the ride goes upside down making a 360 degree revolution!

In addition to these great rides Casino Pier has also started to announce new rides that will be open for the 2014 season starting with the Air Race. Air RaceAir Race takes riders on an amazing journey, replicating the experiences and sensations of an acrobatic airplane flight, with banks, loops, dives and weightlessness that approach 3Gs! Also new for the 2014 season the Sky Ride and Skyscraper will be back in operation and new ride for the kiddies dubbed Jump Around.

And lets not forget about the Historic Dentzel/Looff Carousel at Casino Pier is now over 100 years old! A family favorite in our house…we were so happy it survived with no damage. We can’t make it out of the arcade with less than 3 rides….

For more family fun or a great date nite be sure to check out the wacky rooftop miniature golf coures. Situated across several rooftops, spectacular views of the Atlantic and a challenging but fun course will be an event to remember.

Rides open for the weekend April 12 for the 2014 season. Weather permitting they will open June 13th for every day of the rest of the summer. Don’t forget, every Wednesday $15 bracelets from 3PM to 11PM!

Breakwater Water Park

Breakwater BeachNot on the pier but owned by the same owners is Breakwater Water Park. 10 separate slides/features including a small shallow area where the little ones can splash and play. Two if by Sea, Patriot’s Plunge, Lighthouse Cove, The Perfect Storm, Revolutionary Wild River, Salem’s Serpent, Pilgrim’s Plummet, The Nor’Easter, Hot Tub Springs, Minuteman Express.