Best Beach Wagons For Sand: 6 Things To Consider

Beach wagons are a great way to transport all your gear to the beach. But, there are important factors to consider when selecting the best beach wagon for sand. You can’t just pack up your kid’s radio flyer wagon and expect it to work. Several factors that need to be considered include wheel type, weight limit and storage space.

Have no fear! We are here to walk you through the process!

Below are tips on how to pick the best beach wagon for sand by listing all of the important factors and highlighting some of the features that should be taken into account when buying a beach wagon you can easily drag in the sand.

The wheels on the beach wagon must go round and round

The type of wheels your beach wagon has is essential for a successful trip to the beach. For sandy terrain, the ideal wheel type is one with wide, large treads and an open design that allows sand to pass through easily. Ball bearings are also beneficial as they reduce friction and make pushing or pulling the wagon much easier. Look for wheels made of a durable material such as rubber, as they can provide additional traction on slippery surfaces while remaining lightweight and easy to maneuver.

NEVER try to use a wagon with thin wheels.

Why not you ask?

Thin wheels are not ideal for beach wagons due to how poorly they handle the shifting sand and terrain. Thin wheels sink into the sand, causing your wagon to get stuck, while wide treads provide a more stable foundation. Additionally, thin wheels can become clogged with sand, making it difficult or impossible to move the wagon.

This is the single most important thing to get right.

All those extra pounds add up

Beach wagons come with varying weight capacities, so it is important to think about how much gear you will be bringing before selecting the right wagon. Generally speaking, the more weight capacity a wagon has, the more expensive it will be. So, think about how many beach chairs and other items you plan on taking up to the beach before picking a wagon.

Size does matter

When it comes to beach wagons, more storage space is always better. Look for a wagon with plenty of room for all your beach gear including towels, sunscreen, umbrellas, chairs and anything else you may need. You may also want to think about making sure there is extra pockets or straps to store smaller items like keys or phones.


For an easy way to transport and store your wagon, look for one that is collapsible or foldable. Being able to fold your wagon down will take up so much less space and make it much easier to transport the wagon in your car, as well as store it away when not in use.

Other features to look for in a beach wagon include adjustable handles and weather-resistant fabrics. Adjustable handles make it easier to maneuver the wagon on uneven terrain. Finally, weather-resistant fabrics will ensure your gear stays dry if you get caught in a rainstorm.

To shade or not to shade….

If you are transporting little ones, you may want to think about protection from the sun and rain. In this case, look for a beach wagon with a removable canopy.


You probably don’t need another thing to do, so make sure the wagon you buy comes assembled. Chances are, if you are buying one that folds on itself, you will not need to assemble anything. Wagons with canopy’s may need minor assembly.

Let’s get wet

If you are like us, the wagon may become your safe space for all things you want kept dry. It is not a bad idea to also buy a waterproof compartment or bag for any electronics or wet towels – this will help keep your stuff safe from moisture and sand damage.

Hopefully these tips will make it easier to , you should have no problem finding find a beach wagon that best meets your needs! With a little research and knowledge, you’ll be ready to hit the Seaside Heights beach in no time!