Feeding Seagulls: 11 Reasons Why This Is Always A Bad Idea

Feeding Seagulls, No Day At The Beach

Imagine…..For years people thought feeding seagulls was funny and they just kept doing it, and doing it.

Then, all of a sudden….

It’s a beautiful summer day at the beach, and people are enjoying the sunshine and warm water. Little did they know something sinister was lurking above in the sky. Giant seagulls with menacing glints in their eyes. They spotted the bags and coolers(paid link) of food, and hatched an evil plan to get get a taste for themselves.

Without warning!




Over time, the birds had become so daring that they didn’t just settle for being fed a few french fries and chips anymore. They have become outright bandits, attacking unsuspecting beach goers without warning.

The terror reached a fever pitch when the seagulls started launching themselves directly at people with open mouths, snatching sandwiches out of their hands before they could take a bite.

Some were even bold enough to try and snatch entire pizzas or ice cream cones away from children! People were sprinting across the beach, desperately trying to protect their snacks from the avian marauders.

After several terrifying minutes, the lifeguards finally managed to scare away the birds using sirens and flares. The beach goers breathed a collective sigh of relief – until they noticed that many of their belongings had gone missing during their mad dash for safety!

Ok, so this really didn’t happen exactly. But it’s really not that far off from what is currently happening in Seaside Heights.

Feeding seagulls encourages them to invade populated areas, where they can become a nuisance and even a danger.

So, in all seriousness, please read on.

11 reasons why, under no circumstances, should you be feeding the seagulls

  1. Believe it or not, it may be illegal to feed seagulls. Many towns view the birds as a nuisance, so the answer to the question, can you feed seagulls at the beach may very well be no.

  2. Seagulls that are fed by humans quickly learn to rely on them for food, instead of looking for food themselves. And they will begin taking food out of your hand, as well as attacking bags the minute you walk away.

  3. You never know how many seagull friends they’ll bring with them when you feed them; one bird could easily become a party of twenty! This multiplies the affect of other reasons on this list!

  4. Seagulls that are fed by humans can become very territorial around areas where they are accustomed to being fed. This might result in them attacking people and other animals.

  5. Feeding seagulls can also cause them to become ill. While feeding seagulls bread may be fine, there are some types of human food that they can’t digest. This can lead to seagulls getting sick and dying.

  6. In a large group, Seagulls can be quite noisy and their cries are enough to make anyone’s day go from good to bad in a second.

  7. Feeding seagulls may seem harmless but it actually encourages them to stay around towns instead of migrating like they should.

  8. The garbage created by feeding seagulls attracts more than just birds. Foxes, coyotes, raccoons and other small animals might also come looking for a snack.

  9. Seagulls will become your new BFF’s if you feed them and follow you around begging for more!

  10. Seagull poop is probably worse than human poop – no one wants white stains everywhere after a nice afternoon at the beach…Worst of all, if they are swarming, someone is definitely going to get pooped on.

  11. If you have small children, be aware that fed seagulls might try to bite off their fingers – so keep a safe distance when dealing with them!

In conclusion, while it may be tempting to toss your leftover sandwich to a group of seagulls, or if you think feeding seagulls laxatives may be funny, it’s important to remember the consequences. Not only does feeding seagulls disrupt their natural diet and behavior, but it can also lead to some pretty comical (and messy) situations for unsuspecting beachgoers.

So next time you’re tempted to share your snack with these feathered friends, just remember: a seagull’s stomachache is no laughing matter. Stick to feeding the ducks instead, they’re much more polite and won’t steal your fries!